SUN WIND WATER EARTH LIFE LIVING; Edited by T.M. de Jong Faculty of Architecture SUN WIND WATER EARTH LIFE LIVING; LEGENDS FOR DESIGN T. M. de Jong ed.; Drs. M.J. Moens; C. van den Akker; C.M. Steenbergen I am sitting in the sun. How much energy do I receive, how much I send back into universe? I am walking in wind. How much pressure do I receive and how much power my muscles have to overcome? It is the same pressure giving form to the sand I walk on or giving form and movement to the birds above me! Sun, wind, water, earth and life touch our living senses immediately, always, everywhere and without any intervention of reason. They simply are there in their unmatched variety, moving us, our moods, memories, imaginations, intentions and plans.  However, the designer transforming sun into light, air into space and water into life, touches pure mathematics next to senses. Instead of releasing math from senses, this text tries to restore that intimate relation, the most freeing part of our European cultural heritage.  I am swimming in the oldest landscape of all ages, the sea. How can I survive?  Marguerite Yourcenar  'Building is cooperating with the Earth.' LEGENDS FOR DESIGN 1 000 high tide 1 000 low tide 1 100 1 300 1550 1 675 1 800 1 850 1 930 1 960 1 989 -200 000 -150 000 -75 000 -40 000 -10 000 -5 500 -4 100 -3 000 -2 100 -1 000 -200 600
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public green public paved private unbuilt floor space housing other functions storeys built-up 1ha 100m
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